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5 ton railway containers, selling railway containers in Moscow and regions

5 ton container got its name from its loading capacity. The technical characteristics of railway containers do not allow carrying in them the heavier cargo, although the capacity of 5 ton container is enough for a private transfer. Modern containers take the weight at least twice as large as 5 tons, but if to refer to the cost of 5 ton container, its price wins the competition significantly. All containers of 5 tons offered for sale are used. To select a container of good quality is quite possible. These containers of 5 tons are rejected from the railway park, and are suitable only for trucking or application for utility storage. The level of production of railway containers grew, that’s why the features of 5 ton containers yield to the shipper requirements to the quality of the container equipment, sent by railway.

It’s possible to buy used 5 ton containers in many towns. Often for a place of temporary accommodation of these railway containers the station platforms are used, where they go after the last cargo transportation. To buy a used container for the needs of delivery by truck or for storage, or for moving is the best application of a 5 ton container. Other needs of a 5 ton container, for example using it as a trade pavilion, are little unhandy. But for economic reasons it’s easier to take a new container than to spend money on restoring of a used one. The warranty for 5 ton containers lasts for a short period of time. The estimated average cost is about $750. In regions, depending on the condition of containers, price is a little different.

For a used 5 ton container, as for other used containers, the service for reconstruction of equipment is provided. Unlike other railway containers, this service is actual for 5 ton containers. Exploitation of the used containers was always accompanied by serious injuries and bad storage due to these low-tonnage containers were held on platforms with poor coverage. By order of clients containers can be repaired not only visually, but it’s also possible to make restoration of metal for greater tightness and continue using it for storage or for shipment by truck, to prevent ingress of moisture. In case of using 5 ton containers for warehousing you can install additional shutoff mechanisms, to arrange vandal and burglary protection. The capacity of the container is enough for almost 10 cubic meters of cargo placing, that is comparable with most urban trucks, so for a small download 5 ton container is indispensable. Its weight is just a ton that also makes it serve as easy warehouse and transport container.

5 ton container price