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Container service from the ports of France, Germany, the Netherlands. Sea and overland sendings.

The west coast of Europe has always focused on cargo trade operations. This was the beginning of all major international sea routes that are still functioning in the same field. It can be determined that growing of popularity of container handling depended on the construction of terminals for container processing in the area of the Atlantic. The pioneers of sending containers that process megaton sea container ships are located in Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, France. Big burden lies on the ports of Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Norway. For the last countries it is quite natural, because their communication with the big world is more by sea than by land.


The main container ports of West Europe are:

• Lisbon
• Bordeaux
• Le Havre
• Rotterdam
• Hamburg
• Oslo
• Edinburgh
• Boston
• Dublin

The size of container turnover in Western European ports is comparable with the shipment of containers from China. It is likely that this is due to the fact that the largest container lines are the natives from these countries. The first container terminals, depots for the storage of containers and vessels were concentrated in this area, so historically all containers appeared here and continue to grow in Europe.

We provide services for container shipment and storage associated with the service of documents, customs services on transit, transshipment services of sea dry and refrigerated containers. We provide sea and ferry container shipping, long-term storage of loaded and empty containers directly in the port and in the depot located within countries of the coast. For our clients there is an interesting service, when the containers from Hamburg or Rotterdam are returned to the owner and the goods are delivered with repacking through the consolidation warehouse to the destination point by the trailer. In warehouses the goods are arranged in a new party that satisfies needs of timely logistics supply of our clients’ industries. Taking care of the service of container flows of our customers we take care of all the tasks of complex container service and their cargo.

There is no better place than the Atlantic ports of Europe for purchase or sale of containers. The presence of all world sea lines in these container depot ports allows us to buy consignments of containers, and then spread them to any directions. There are all types of specialized containers in the ports. There are containers for transportation of oversized dispatches (PALLET WIDE, OPEN TOP, FLAT TRUCK), containers with separable inner walls (DUOCON containers of 20, 30, 40 feet), containers with different systems of internal access (SLIDE and DOUBLE DOOR containers), refrigerated and thermally insulated containers, container tanks. We look for variants for the most orders of specialized containers in Western Europe.