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Containers in the southern regions of Russia. Purchase and sale of containers in Volgograd and adjoining regions.

   The southern direction in Russia deserves special attention. Cargo container shipping in the region is processed by railway and the ports of northern and southern transit directions.

We decided to join the container turnover in the same city, on the 1–day distance by truck from all main centers of consumption of containers in the Volga region and Krasnodar Krai. This distribution scheme of container load creates favorable economy on purchase and sale of containers throughout the southern segment of the Russian Federation. Volgograd is the best for its geographical position. The majority of the transport routes connecting regional centers such as Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Samara and others pass through it. For the needs of these cities distribution platform was established in Volgograd that is in charge of container turnover of the related areas. The demand of all zone territory for which Volgograd was expected is not very high. There are no large container terminals here at present. The largest container center is located in Novorossiysk, but often it is not profitable to supply containers to inland regions from the port zone.

   How to buy a container in Volgograd? You can always count on availability of used dry cargo containers of 20 feet and 40 feet. The other containers are almost not represented in the region, but the delivery of new containers and containers of 45 feet and PALLET WIDE containers to Volgograd does not take much time. It is profitable for us to work by the order, if there is no available container in the terminal in Volgograd. The prices for containers in Volgograd are not too different from the cost of containers of the Central part of Russia. In Volgograd we offer containers for shipment with cargo, cabotage of containers and containers for storage. Availability of workmen’s shelters is obligatory in Volgograd and in the region; the market of modular containers is also developed well. We offer to buy refrigerated containers with their subsequent scheduled maintenance and inspection in the southern regions.

   Refrigerated containers in Volgograd, Bryansk, Belgorod, Saratov, Samara, Rostov, Astrakhan are demanded for efficient storage of goods of various agricultural enterprises. The most frequently used mode of transport in the region is motor transport. Its share in transportation is more than 80% of container shipments in the southern regions. We continue working in the southern regions. The opening of new sites for work with containers in the future will lead to increase of container turnover in general in all areas of the Volga region and Krasnodar Krai.