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Containers for use

     Container transportations allow delivering goods all over the world most safely and at relatively low prices. Providing containers for use to the sender of the consignment is a standard practice. This service is profitable both to the owner of a multimodal container and the shipper.

     Providing the container park for use for a fee, logistics companies don’t increase the turnover of containers only, but also attract new customers. The shipper is interested in renting a container for a specific transportation that allows him not to divert money for its purchase and maintenance.

Advantages of getting containers for use

     The company that transfers its own containers for use bears the expenses for their acquisition, maintenance, and if necessary, repairing. Paying the rent payments, the customer receives serviceable container of the desired type and size for use. Generally, the owner company has all necessary equipment for delivery of the container for loading to the client and professionals for processing of all necessary transport documents.

     It is always possible to find available specialized or conventional 40-foot containers for use at a fair price from Futovik Company's terminals. There are always sea and railway containers that can be used for intercontinental or multimodal transportations.

     Providing railway containers for use for One Way shipping is a very popular service, especially from the Asian countries to Russia. Only large operators of container market can afford providing containers for use, as they have the ability to optimize traffic flows.

     To take railway containers for use is possible not only for the carriage of cargo, but also to use it as a temporary warehouse at the port or container terminal. In this case, the container can be unloaded from a railway platform or a car and wait for the cargo owner in the protected area. This is cheaper than the cost of storage, as it eliminates extra steps for overload.

     More often universal 20-foot containers with an excellent ratio of capacity/price are taken for use. But the Company can provide sea or railway containers of any size or type for use.