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10 ton or 10 foot containers/Buying 10 ton containers/Selling 10 ton containers

10 ton container, also called 10 foot container, can be found in several versions. In its dimensions the container is an equivalent of standard shipping containers, but its length is 10 feet, which is about three meters. To reduce shipping costs welded containers are often sent in pairs. Welded 10 foot container is becoming a universal package for transport. The container of 10 tons is perfectly suitable for sending heavy loads and storage with different operating conditions. Nowadays, 10 foot container is minimal package among containers with standard universal mounting. Such container retains the quality of large-capacity sea freight container with smaller dimensions. The area of application of 10 foot container transportation is quite extensive. For delivery of small loads 10 foot container becomes the only solution. Another solution for it is general cargo but the cons of getting several goods in one container prevail over the possible minimal savings. In most cases using of a 10 ton container will be more profitable than general cargo container. So, this type of containers was issued for small loads specially. Considering for the future, we can assume that at mass traffic such containers can find their unique place.

New and used containers of 10 feet are available in the most container areas of the world. Sometimes even used 10 foot containers are saved better than the other types of sea-service containers. The reason is that this model of containers is still new and during carriage they do not carry heavy loads. The biggest cause of breakage of containers is that the cargo deforms the floor and walls of the container while fixing. But for 10 foot container cargo is usually not dangerous. Defects are unlikely and the container remains in good condition for a long time.

It is possible to buy a 10 foot container, or 10 ton container, directly from the factory if the client requires a new container. In case when the purchase of a used 10 ton container is required, you should pay attention to fixing mechanisms, and quality of welding back wall. Since the transportation of a 10 ton container is carried out in pairs, so the back walls are not always used in a closed form and before receiving of the container its walls are welded to be ready for sale. In general, the container meets all the requirements of safety and durability provided with a steel case, like in standard shipping containers. 10 foot containers are carried on universal container cars, but not all container semitrailers are designed for the transportation of a single 10 foot container. Loading such a small container will ensure the optical drive, and due to its height it can be installed on board car. In conclusion, 10 foot container has many facilities at a lower cost than in containers of larger tonnage.

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