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20-foot HARD TOP container

     To buy a 20-foot container with a frame roof is possible on the terminals of FUTOVIK Company. The need to use containers of the type HT (Hard Top) occurs when cargo in intermodal transportation is very heavy or having dimensions close to the allowable maximum.






Advantages of 20НТ containers

     All Hard Top are specialized containers, but 20HT has the maximum permissible load per unit of volume or area. In addition used and new sea 20HT containers:

          • Have a stiffness comparable to solid-body containers, that exceeds the tare with open soft top;

          • Have protective characteristics corresponding to the DC;

          • Are designed for the transportation of specialized cargoes, but in their absence they can be used for transportation of any other goods or equipment;

          • Are loaded quickly with the help of crane equipment.

Peculiarities of 20НТ containers

          Removable rigid roof of 20HT container can be easily removed at the time of loading and unloading operations. It allows to work with large-sized or heavy cargoes using productive equipment;

          • A beam above the side door of the container is made removable, which facilitates the movement of large objects with a forklift. Typically, there are problems with it in standard containers;

          • Special locking mechanisms don’t only fix a removable roof, but they are designed for sealing.

     It is very cheap and convenient to use 20-ton HARD TOP containers for manufacturers of unique equipment; because there is no need for development and production of unique packaging for transportation. The container can be delivered and downloaded in compliance with all requirements. It is also convenient to the manufacturers of massive but fragile goods, as it allows to load them with the crane with minimal risk of damage directly from the plant.

     Sea or railway containers with the mechanism of 6-meter roof removal have standardized dimensions and can be handled easily for multimodal transport. Typically, such containers are used for transportation of steel products with special properties, ceramic stone, technological equipment.

     Sale of 20-foot HARD TOP containers is provided to meet the needs of carriers and cargo owners in a specialized container that is loaded with the help of crane equipment. They can be very heavy loads with significant length or height, which loading to the ordinary containers is extremely difficult or impossible.