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40 ft sea SLIDE DOOR container. To buy and to order a container with side doors.

There are several solutions for heavy and oversized loads in containers, which are described in the types of open top containers and containers without side doors. But the most secure solution for bulky goods is a 40 foot sea SLIDE DOOR container. There several variants of loading to place product in the container; the container can be put on an edge of rigidity and the goods can be fixed under a different angle to the front and the side. But the most important difference of 40 ft SLIDE DOOR container from the OPEN TOP and FLAT RACK containers, of course, is the level of tightness. When you close all doors SD container becomes a perfect standard shipping container. With careful operation of 40 foot container all door mechanisms serve without interference to open for long. Any additional devices for opening and closing of the container are not required. Transportation of 40 ft SD container passes through similar standard container tariffs. Such container equipment does not apply any surcharges and fees. Everything works quite economical. But the carriage will need additional filling all the handles on the doors of the container that is easy. When passing sea transit points, ports, railway stations all seal numbers are verified according to the documents. Even if one of the seals is not corresponding with the stated at shipment, there is the possibility of inspection at the point where it is detected.

Attitude to 40 ft SLIDE DOOR containers should be more careful to avoid defects on the side walls with doors which can lead to a negative impact on the further opening of the container from the side. This is one of the disadvantages of these containers. But often 40 ft SD containers are used in warehousing activities. Container volume is constructed for 70-80 cubic meters. Here you can place the cargo in several tiers depending on the client’s convenience. We can take on all work to bring 40 ft SLIDE DOOR container to the parameters declared by our client. All containers are carried out with a guarantee that completely eliminates the violation of the integrity of the container. You can buy a 40 ft SLIDE DOOR container with delivery to any region. Delivery of the ordered container usually takes from 1 week to 45 days, depending on what type of 40 ft SD container must be delivered and where it should be done.

Completeness of the doors in SLIDE DOOR containers can be different. The cost of the container with side doors may exceed the price of a similar standard dry container twice. With the further growth of production of folding containers drop in value is expected. Today there are requests to cut the doorway in the standard container where then doors are welded and normal loops for metal shutters are hang. This solution is much cheaper than to buy the original 40 foot SLIDE DOOR container.

The price of container 40 feet SLIDE DOOR