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To buy 45 foot container for shipment or warehousing. New 45 foot containers and used

There are new, more modern models of dry cargo containers that can withstand the load. Metal containers are becoming harder. But what to do if sea or railway containers are needed, but longer than of standard norm. The solution is always there. You can choose several options for extension of the container. But let's try and perform one condition: the container should be suitable for standard cargo handling and delivery by truck and by railway.

The first solution is to change container with cutting its walls and welding then back with the walls of required length. Such a container will take the necessary features, but fitting holes will also be transferred that we will not do. If to re-weld fittings, the new long container will not be able to withstand the weight of the cargo declared for a standard container. Load for new fittings will be higher than strength of welding itself. So there is a mismatch to the initially defined task. But you cannot dismiss this method for containers, which the client wants to use for the storage of goods only. Of course, the container will become impossible to be handled with container loaders, but this is not such an important detail, so replacement will be done with the crane; anyway the load when lifting should not be forgotten. If the container is loaded more than half of its capacity, grips for crane are better to be provided with lower horizontal edges of the container.

In our opinion, the second solution to buy 45 foot container is the best because it is ensures cargo safety and integrity of the container itself, and its further using. The large containers have got maximum possible length of 5 feet more, so 12 meter containers are increased for 2.5 m from each end. Thus 45 foot container has fitting holes as standard container CONVENTION, and provides 8-9 cubic meters of additional operating volume. Tare weight of 45 foot container exceeds tare weight of standard for 0.5 ton, so this container can be downloaded with less cargo than a standard railway or sea container. But for clients who plan to buy a container of 45 ft, the weight of the goods does not become a limitation. Long containers are bought only to be used for the transportation or storage of bulky cargo. Not every container car and railway carrier is able to take 45 foot container for the transportation. Cargo delivery in 45 foot containers should be coordinated additionally in order to avoid difficulties during the transportation.

In our company you can always buy new and used 45 feet containers from various manufacturers of containers, plants, with which we cooperate. We accept orders for any party of 45 foot containers. For supporting contact our sales department.

The price of used container 45 feet