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To buy a DOUBLE DOOR container of 20 ft, sea-service, universal container

If a container has a doorway at one side, then why not to make one more door from the second side. 20 ft container with this solution is almost DUOCON container, but it is more correct to say that this is a standard container of 20 feet with two doors; and according to the classification of containers it is a 20 foot DOUBLE DOOR container. Its second door serves as a factor of the best placement of the goods in opinion of many cargo owners. Such container is certainly an appropriate option for clients who need space for storage of the goods or for the outlets in which a supply of goods for sale is stored. At one end of 20 foot DD container you can organize loading and from the opposite - unloading of the goods. Dimensions of DOUBLE DOOR container are identical to the standard of 20 ft. The standards of capacity for DD containers of 20 ft are the same that for containers with one door. So for transportation it can take 30 tons of cargo. DD containers of 20 feet can be put at any side in the process of transportation. Of course each end has a marking, so you can understand where the goods are. Manufacturing of containers with doors at both ends is established in many countries. No doubt that factory quality is better than of remade containers, but the cost of 20 ft containers with additional door may be 50 % more than the same with a single door. There are many reasons to buy a DOUBLE DOOR container, but this is valid only when using of additional features of the second open end is necessary.

Taking into account that a DOUBLE DOOR container of 20 feet is not so bulky container, it can be concluded that requests for 6 meter two-door containers are not very frequent. In spite of small purchases of DD containers of 20 ft, they have their permanent clients and interest for them is growing. Maybe in the future, all containers will be with two doors in order to regulatory authorities could have access to the cargo, but at present these containers are often in port areas.

The most common way to use a DOUBLE DOOR container of 20 ft is its using for technical and economic targets on construction sites, at different terminals and its correction for using as workmen’s shelters. For domestic purposes a new container will be safely operated for a long time. The number of 20DD used as workmen’s shelters is rather large. Containers can be supplemented with more reliable fastenings of the door, or initially it’s possible to order the factory design of the doorway of various types, such as a single doo or a sliding door at the end. Please contact us to get YOUR type of container.

The price of container 20 feet DOUBLE DOOR