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To buy new and used DUOCON containers

20 ft container is the minimum size for universal dry cargo sea and railway containers. DUOCON container was made to combine the convenience of a standard full-size container with container of different size, which in many cases is indispensable. This is 2 containers of 10 feet combined within a 6 meter long container. Any container depot is able to assemble and disassemble a DUOCON container. Inside this container does not differ from standard dimensions, and its additional function is division of the interior space into zones that are not related to each other because of steel walls. You can use double container for anything. Significant savings in the delivery by DUOCON from the factory to the user makes this container-transformer be interesting to many transport companies. The availability of this container equipment is high enough. It’s possible to buy a DUOCON container from the major transportation centers. To combine cargoes of different modes of transportation in one container is easier than ever. And in that case when the client no longer need place for storing identical to 20 ft container, DUOCON can be easily "cut" into pieces and sell the excess volume of the 10 foot container. The design of the dual container well as reliable as any standard shipping container. Such containers are accepted for transportation by rail, motor and sea carriers without extra charges. Of course, the container must have registration marks and be included in the relevant registers. But there is no doubt that the original container is suitable for all parameters for any kind of transportation.

DUOCON is more likely to be bought in new version. This type of containers is still not often met, but the requests for it become more frequent. It is not a surprise, because its benefits and the price are comparable with ordinary container. Several modes of using DUOCON containers and possibility of operating as well as assembled and collapsible containers of 10 or 20 ft makes good container diversity. In its functions containers are suitable for building sites and for household blocks. Also various mobile equipment with or without installation on the chassis are made of such double containers. And it’s possible to transport collapsible containers on standard conditions of loading on the platform of a container ship. Service for assembly and disassembly of the container is not accompanied with heavy costs. Choosing a DUACON container clients solve their vital problems for container equipment with the possibility of its sale in the future, as in whole or partly. As we mentioned above, the price of the container is almost equivalent to the standard container type, that’s why DUOCON containers are demanded by the market.

The price of container DUOCON used