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Selling of 20 ft OPEN TOP containers with possibility to load from the top

Description of containers with a possibility of top loading we will start from OPEN TOP containers of 20 feet type. This is a 6 meter long container equipped with a device for quick removal and installation of upper protective element. Such container is perfect for sending cargo oversized in height. In the rest OT container does not differ from the standard shipping containers. The demand for OPEN TOP containers appeared from the fact that it was uncomfortable to load many goods from the end of the container. Simultaneously with development of container equipment, modern technical possibility to make loading and unloading of goods easier appear. But not always cargo, which managed to place inside a standard container, could be easily retrieved when unloading at the consignee's warehouse. Containers with free access to the cargo added functionality to the sea container traffic. Now, there are almost no restrictions for cargo shipments. Top loading and unloading can be applied even for normal goods.

Unlike containers providing shipment of oversized goods (like FLAT TRUCK containers), OPEN TOP containers protect posted cargo from moisture without any additional devices. Strong top tent is a reliable guarantee for the most varied goods. But for shippers, the use of 20 foot OT container is not always good because of the cost of transportation that is growing significantly. 20 foot container needs separate terminal service. It cannot be put under other containers, because of the design that makes it lose its hard for vertical loads and therefore shipping lines and ports are taking increased rents for every received container without a roof. Since 20 foot container is a small container, its use for shipments is not the most demanded service. It also has little advantages for storage application. As the goods can be loaded and unloaded only from the top, additionally crane mechanism, not an ordinary warehouse truck, is required. Any cargo owner can count, so the cost of servicing can be easily reduced with placing the goods under canvas, without using an OPEN TOP container. Besides removing and fixing the tent of the container requires additional time and human resources that repel many cargo owners.

Наличие данных контейнеров сильно ограниченно, но если использовать OT клиент планирует под хранение, и только , то мы можем предложить изготовить на заказ как новый так и б.у. ОПЕН ТОП.

Taking into account that 20 ft OPEN TOP container is not the most widely used type of sea containers and its shipping by railway requires individually agreed scheme of sending and hosting of the product, you can come to the conclusion that it is not always possible to buy this type of container. The availability of these containers is highly restricted, but if you are going to use OT containers for storage only, then we can offer to select both new and used OPEN TOP containers  for you.

The price of container 20 feet OPEN TOP