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Selling of containers with refrigerated unit, 12 meters, 40 foot refrigerated containers

The main type of containers with hinged refrigerating equipment is 40 ft container. Among refrigeration equipment this container is the most widely occurred when cargo shipment takes place; and they are in demand at our clients. It’s no wonder that REF containers are in demand for its volume, because it is clear that the larger refrigerating chamber is, the higher refrigerator is valued. 40 foot reefers are almost the sole leader in the request for the purchase of containers with the unit. They are equally easy to use with the sea and railway transport. They are put in the usual manner on the container trailer. The size of the container is its undoubted advantage. Being frequently used 12 meter reefers often require servicing. But at the same time the universality of refrigerating plants allows to make replacement parts and fluids on almost any container terminal in the sea port or other service depot for refrigerated containers.

Since 40 ft Ref container has a rather large interior volume, distribution of cold effect is not the same that in the container of smaller length. For this reason before you buy a container it’s better to make sure that the plant works correctly and spread effect of cold on the container camera suits the client. Refrigerating plant is very expensive. It is better to inspect the container thoroughly when buying, than to spend time and money in the future in case of possible defects in its work. Sea-service 40 ft refrigerated containers always stand separately from dry containers during storage. When rearranging and with other crane operations a refrigerated container gets more attention, because of light leakage of external insulation if it is damaged. All factors encountered during the operation of 40 foot refrigerated containers are well known. And the main of them is cautious treatment of the refrigerating plant. A small leak in the unit or the heat loss due to leakage of the container can lead to the loss of cargo, so you should always pay attention on it when buying a container for transportation or storage on site.

New 40 ft refrigerated container is a container of first rank used for all kinds of operation; its price depends on the type of hinged refrigerating equipment and can reach 40,000 dollars. Each client thinks about significant savings when purchasing a reefer; a used container with refrigerating plant depends on year of release, and you can buy it for approximately 8 000 dollars. The benefit is obvious. Anyway, orders for new containers are common. Order fulfilment for a new refrigerated container, if it is not available, lasts from 20 to 40 days on average. Sale of Ref containers is accompanied by measuring its properties to avoid future losses from the buyer. Please contact our company at the purchase of Ref container of 40 ft. In volume 40 foot containers are divided into high, wide, but the choice is usually small. When the containers are defined with main characteristics and prices are compared, the bargain is made.


Prices for 40-foot refrigerated containers used