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Selling of pallet wide sea containers of 45 feet (PW)

At shortage of containers for volume goods, the proper solution is the use of 45 foot container PALLET WIDE. This is the widest container among railway and sea containers. Such container contains 2 full standard europallet. This is the only standardized container solution corresponding to the Convention on the Safety of transport, which uses all available transport solutions and cranes in the field of container cargo shipments. All fastenings in a wide container are placed according to standard sea containers, but not every sea line or rail way carrier can take such containers for transportation.

You can buy 45 foot PW container in every major port with the help of our company. We will promptly deliver 45 PW to the client. When choosing PW container for transportation of cargo, it is reasonable to calculate the cost savings and compare with the cost of shipping in a standard container. The difference in the sea part of the route can reach 30% of the usual freight, not in wide container. The sea line may refuse its carriage or postpone it to be sent later, replacing it with the standard container. You should ask questions about it in advance. If delivery of a container will have to use the railway, then the sending should be agreed beforehand. If you are not sure that sending is agreed, it is better to divide your cargo and to organize the delivery in standard, not wide containers. The cost of the pallet wide container exceeds the cost of the standard in approximately 1.5 - 2 times. And this argument plays an important role for customers. Nobody is going to bear the extra costs when buying a container, even if it will bring additionally 10% of the cargo. The question of cost is no longer, if it is necessary to accept the goods for transportation that cannot be put in several rows. In this case using of 45 PW is the best solution.

We offer for sale new 45 PW containers and used. Such containers are unique for warehousing. If the price of a wide container suits to the client, then use it for storing would be really convenient. Its advantages are good access and convenient location of the goods in PW container. In terminals containers are stored in packs; wide containers are placed in separate tiers, because their size does not allow combining it with the standard containers.

Storage of 45 PALLET WIDE containers, tariffs for their processing slightly exceed the same of DC and HC containers, but the quantity of wide containers is not great. Such containers, for example, are rarely seen in the country. Generally, their storage location is the port areas where their turnover is noticeably higher.

The price of container 45 feet PALLET WIDE