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Maintenance of refrigerated containers

     Routine maintenance of refrigerated containers reduces the risk of failure during multimodal transportation. Specially equipped vessels have a certain amount of serviceable refrigerating units in stock, while not every railway station can replace the failed cooling unit.

What maintenance of ref containers includes

     Structurally refrigerated container is a frame of a conventional container with dimensions corresponding to the ISO standards, then there is a layer of polyurethane foam panels, which are covered 2-mm dural sheets outside. The inner surface is covered with profiled stainless steel. If the construction has no mechanical damage, such "thermos" is capable to maintain the temperature without significant changes even in non-working refrigeration unit more than one day.

     Firstly, port terminals for servicing refrigerated containers check the integrity of the container body, the reliability of fastening of insulation panels and the inner metal layer. Then the integrity of the seals on the doors is checked thoroughly.

    At the next stage, before servicing refrigerated containers of 20 feet or more, information is read from the device Datacorder over the past 90 days. This allows getting the most complete picture of all deviations of the refrigerating unit from the regular mode, which means to focus on specific nodes. If there are no any comments to the container body and the electronic control, standard operations for the prevention of cooling unit problems are held: oil level check and freon inspection of all mechanical components, and cleaning of pipelines, if necessary.

     Port terminals and railway stations with service for refrigerated containers produce their washing and disinfection compulsorily after unloading. This eliminates the risk of any unpleasant odor and the development of pathogenic fungi. Quality maintenance of 40-foot refrigerated containers can only be done on a dedicated terminal with necessary technological and diagnostic equipment and qualified personnel.