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Railway delivery of containers in any directions, sending of loaded and empty containers.


          Eligibility of wagons and containers to railway shipment is equally valued by services of technical control. For containers taken to the railway transportation, the owner is obliged to provide the passport of quality control, if the container is not recorded in the appropriate register of the rolling stock. Our company organizes railway shipment in containers which quality is confirmed by the acts of transfer and acceptance, so our railway containers of 20 ft, 40 ft and many other types of containers taken to the railway carriage, are guaranteed to suit the requirements of safety standards in transportation by railway in all countries. Container filed for loading has all necessary markings and signs of the technical compliance of size and capacity. We arrange railway container transportation in any directions. More often railway shipments of containers are used in continental cargo delivery. This may be import or export, and the cargo container moves by railway without overload in their way.

           There are own tariff net of railway in the country of destination for each railway container. In addition to the cost of the freight container there are also rent cars, which are transported by railway containers. Our company is working with a large number of owners of wagons so we are loading containers for a variety of routes without additional terminal fees for storage of railway containers. We select containers for shipment by railway according to the cargo of our client. Free advice on the selection of the type of container equipment relieves the client responsible for placing the goods in the container. Having the information about the weight and dimensions of the freight, our specialists will calculate the efficient loading of the container. For railway container delivery any sizes from 10 tons or feet to 20 and 40 ft containers can be agreed, and for large railway shipments - 45 ft and PALLET-WIDE containers.

           There are several variants of the property of the container while shipment by railway. The most common is when the property of the container is in the hands of the carrier and the cargo owner uses it as a temporary railway container and pays the cost of the container included in the cost of delivery. After unloading a railway container, empty and cleaned from the remnants of a cargo, ought to be passed to the container depot or at the railway station, specified in the shipping documents. The second option is the way, when the owner of the cargo buys railway container, thus he may arrange transportation as he pleases, and on the way various manipulations with the container can be carried out, according to the request of cargo owner. Our company, acting on behalf of the customer, is ready to provide services for railway delivery of cargo in empty and loaded containers. We select the container at any nearest terminal or station, where there is a free railway container to send. Our clients are confident in reliability of our services.