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Sea container shipments from the ports of Taiwan. Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taipei.

The island of Taiwan has great potential in the development of container shipments. Sea routes connect technologically advanced Taiwan with all major linear container ways. The main ports through which we carry out container shipment are:

·         KAOHSIUNG

·         KEELUNG

·         TAIPEI


The sea component of container shipment mostly affects container hubs of the region located in China, Korea, Thailand. Taiwan aims at international transport cluster, but the excessive influence of China on the country's economy doesn’t let such projects develop.

Sending a container from Taiwan with our company clients can order customs clearance of goods simultaneously with transportation. We undertake the responsibility for the preparation of the sender’s plans in accordance with the schedule of the sea line, on whose ship booking is. In Taiwan you can buy a container or arrange transportation in own containers. Taiwan is mainly focused on export of products of high value added, and, therefore, requirements to transportation of such goods

are higher than for ordinary goods of daily demand. Choosing a transit country or port congestion you should pay attention to the possibility of cargo damage. The sender may agree on transportation conditions and requirements during container shipping in the Contract. When there is a large volume of sea container transportations, the port of Taiwan almost does not depend on seasonality and work of the lines, but the influence of the ports of transshipment for the term of delivery is obvious.

Working with us every client has information about where his container shipped from Taiwan is and when it is scheduled for arrival to the port of transshipment and to the port of final delivery.