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Sea linear service. Sending of containers from Vietnam.

Vietnam is an export-oriented state. Cooperation with Vietnam on cargo transportation in containers is beneficial to many of our customers all over the world. It is hard to compete when there are such massive giants of world light industry as China and Thailand at both sides. But Vietnam has its niche in international economic relations, and it doesn’t intend to miss their routes and contacts. Recently some production was reoriented from south of China and moved to Vietnam. The main point that does not let grow the business in the country is underdeveloped logistics. If there is no difficulty to organize container delivery next to the ports, then to send cargo from the remote places is much more complicated. The road network is not developed. Companies have to build roads leading to the highways of the country to establish a permanent supply of goods. Container turnover here is not the highest, but the demand for services of container transportation from Vietnam is always constant.

The major container ports of the region are:
• Ho Chi Mihn
• Vung Tau

And other ports of the South China Sea.

Textile articles and products make up the bigger part of the products from Vietnam, that’s why standard sea containers and refrigerated containers are mostly used. Containers from Vietnam are sent with feeders by sea, entering associated major ports of China, India, Thailand. There is no direct container linear service there. Delivery time will be increased according to the time for transit processing in the port of congestion. But for fast processing booking from the port of transshipment can be arranged in advance to avoid storage and loss of time. We practice such decisions when time of sea delivery is important for the client. The cost of sea freight from Ho Chi Minh is not much different from the transportation of containers from adjoining large ports. The price of feeder services from Vietnam in Guangzhou is only 500 US dollars per TEU. If to plan delivery according to the exact schedule of the vessel shipping from container hub, such as Colombo or Guangzhou, you should be ready to pay extra fees for “speed”.

We provide services for sending of consolidated containers from Vietnam, and so called “door” orders for our clients from the supplier's warehouse with the inspection of goods when loading into container in Vietnam. Our own staff in Vietnam allows you to be informed quickly and coordinate all issues on the shipping container

The cost of containers in Vietnam is more expensive than in China or Taiwan. There are less free container equipment presented in the local ports, but we always can reserve any type of dry or refrigerated container in the port of Vietnam.