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Sending of animals and birds in containers. Delivery of living organisms in equipped containers.

One more option for metal container using is transportation of animals. Living beings are transported, of course, by truck. Neither railway, nor sea carriers will take live cargo in containers for transportation, because in both cases it’s necessary to use specialized rolling stock and vessels where it is possible to arrange the feeding of the “cargo”. The container for transportation of animals is only applicable to delivery by truck, ensuring the delivery for a small period of time. Time is the main reason that makes this type of delivery be interesting for cargo owners. There is a special type of trailers for animals transportation called stock truck, but its service is more expensive, because in case of absence of cattle for shipment the trailer is waiting. Whereas the container can be easily removed from the trailer and the trailer can work as usual, without stopping to earn, and the container as reusable packaging will remain on the site until next trip.

Ordinary dry cargo container is easily to adapt for the transportation of animals. For ventilation it’s possible to make windows in the upper part of the sidewalls of dry cargo container. Especially advanced models of containers are provided with an easy fan circulating the air to the animals to be in good conditions. Containers after shipments of cattle, especially dry containers, are impossible to be reorganized for another type of shipment. But the payback after regular deliveries of cattle or other animals or birds comes after two or three trips. Delivery in containers is the cheapest way of motor shipping of animals. It’s almost not necessary to handle the containers after the end of transportation, unlike stock trucks. In general, there are only advantages.

Our experience with animals is permanent. We cooperate with many small and large customers around the world. They are mostly in the countries of South America. We can say that more and more new clients apply for our experience interested in savings in transportation.

Container transport does not depend on the season and climate where you work, but they still have restrictions on the term of carriage of animals. Delivery to your destination by truck should not exceed one working shift of a driver. Otherwise, the animals cannot survive during transportation. To avoid losses inspection points along the auto route of the container are arranged, which identify those trucks where there are any mistakes or problems to living beings. It is important that the drivers had the experience of driving with a living product in the van.

We organize the whole process of transportation of animals or birds in the container from the time of container preparation till unloading the animals at the customer’s site. We will take all the service of container equipment and will monitor the condition and suitability of each container for subsequent reuse in the sending.