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Services in repair of sea and railway containers. Repair of new and used containers and their equipment.

Every transport equipment is able to break. This happens frequently and this is a standard norm for all cargo containers. Repair of containers is performed in many depots. 

To perform all repair procedures for damaged container as for any other equipment the budget is drawn up; it reflects the items that will be restored and the price of each item of repair. If the container is really needs to be repaired, it is better to ask for services in specialized workshops, where in addition to the qualified help in the restoration of the container you will get guarantees for the work performed. The cost of repair of containers in different areas varies, but the client should understand that all depots have different norms applicable to the standard repairs, and equipment which the quality of work depends on. Our company has worked closely with container workshops by all world platforms, our services on repair of containers are fully formalized for clients comfort. We recommend you to contact us for any repair with the possibility of registration of the Agency Contract for maintenance status of your containers and their planned inspections.

It is difficult to imagine that new containers (both dry and refrigerated) often need repairing as well as used. New containers immediately attract attention, if there is a bending of metal sheet or the locks are damaged, because the ideal surface of railway and sea containers is immediately striking. For used containers damages are usual, that’s why the owner may pay no attention to defect, if the container maintains the integrity and the cargo is not in danger. Repair of containers should be approached from the side of the final result and the use of spare parts. Under the final result we understand what should be repaired (to fix a hole in a container or fully restore the surface where the defect appeared); the first option is always preferable to used containers, because the operating life of used container is completing and the owner has no desire to spend on restoring more money than it is necessary to ensure the functions of transportation and storage of containers. As for spare parts, they can be new original or used. The choice between the first or the second will be reflected also on the final cost of repair of the container.

Repair of containers is becoming more complicated when we talk about sea and railway containers with additional equipment or specialized containers, which include refrigerated containers, tank-containers and containers OPEN TOP, HARD TOP. For the first two types of containers the help of a specialist knowledgeable in different refrigeration mobile equipment, methods of their diagnostics and having the skills and permissions for the execution of works with container equipment for special purposes is needed. Contact FUTOVIK in order to repairing of your container was executed qualitatively and cheaply.