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Services for sea container shipment and purchase of all types of containers in the ports of India.

Shipment of containers from India, even from its northern states, is available through the ports that are widespread on the coast of the country. The major ports in India are:

And the port of neighboring Sri Lanka is

These ports together provide an integrated structure that allows us to serve containers of India and Sri Lanka and transit container ships.

Overland container transportation in India is not common. The matter is not that railway in the country cannot assume the functions of export containers, but the reason is geography of India. Its neighboring countries are mostly a transit for goods used in Europe, Russia, China, Kazakhstan. Therefore, today there are more benefits from container shipment to the nearest port by truck and its further transportation by sea to the ports of Asia, Europe, America. This method of delivery formed over many centuries, when land routes were not used.

Container shipment in India extends from the coast and to the depth of Hindustan. But, as it was mentioned above, the basis of continental transport in India is motor transport. There is the majority of the world's container shipping lines in India that provides dry cargo containers of all production of the country.

For export-oriented India it is necessary to develop container terminals. Despite the fact that logistics in India is based on the flow of containers from the port areas for loading even to the most remote factories and other facilities, it doesn’t mean high cost. The cost of transportation of the container in India is not significant, and can make no more than 100 US dollars for the distance of 100 km from the port.

The list of services that can be received in India from our company is very wide and appropriate for a developing economy. We can organize the provision of empty containers at the factory or warehouse of the sender, take care of customs clearance of cargo and container, take a container back to the port, ship a container with cargo by sea on the required route. If it is necessary we, as the agent, will help the customer to buy sea containers for the transportation in India or Sri Lanka. We allow selecting a container and inspecting it before loading remotely. And our experts in India will help to evaluate the container and its cargo in order the client to be confident about transportation.