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Shipping and other station service in all railway stations with operations for any containers.


            For our customers we provide full station service for loaded and empty containers, starting from the filing and receipt of documents, payment of all fees on behalf of any carrier or freight forwarder to export and shipment of containers by road or railway. All containers need a reliable service on arrival or departure from the station. They are credit clearance of containers and cargo, controlling the movement of containers arriving in the customs transit regimes and customs cleared containers, payment station tariffs and charging, processing of documents for all procedures, coordination of export of containers and many others. Station service container is the whole range of services, execution of which we take for ourselves even before the arrival or dispatch of the container. If a customer plans to send his goods in the container, then the station is determined for railway shipment. There should be wagons that can be used for the required route at this station and the station should have permission to work with loaded or empty containers of the types that are sent by the client. First of all, after the client has confirmed the request, we coordinate availability of rolling stock on the date when cargo is ready for railway shipment. Then we send an empty container to the client at warehouse for loading, having informed the client about the container number and the instructions that need to be included in the invoice for shipment of the container. After loading the container is moving to the station, where our load inspector with prepared documents hands over the railway container for shipment. Usually, if container shipment is agreed, the shipment to the train does not take more than a day, and further the container moves by railway to the destination station that the sender, the recipient or our company has identified depending on what service we perform.

When our client orders the service for receiving the container at the station, and sending of the railway container was done by a third-party freight forwarder, we report instructions for the correct filling of the railway bill in order to be a trustee of ultimate consignee and owner of the cargo for the station and have the right to execute credit clearance of the container. After shipping of container from the first station our company is able to track its way, and to inform the recipient of arrival of the container.

We work with railway stations and terminals for all types of containers, dry and specialized. Not being tied to a single station, our company can easily receive and send cargo container of the client from the point interesting for our customer. The recipient or the sender does not need to file documents to the station; we organize the whole process from beginning to end.