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Terminal containers

     To buy a terminal container is possible for transporting goods or for use as a warehouse. If a container of required size or type is missing at the terminal, it will be quickly delivered to the buyer from the other ground by truck or railway. If the client agrees for associated loading, the cost of acquisition to him will be reduced.

Variants of application of terminal containers

     Rent of a terminal container is often more advantageous than a purchase. It allows you to use it only within the required time. Used rented terminal 20-foot container can serve as a warehouse or an office with security services already included in the price.

     Sale of terminal container is possible with subsequent purchase back, which is convenient for cargo owners that are not sure about their prompt return. Considering the high structural strength of the packaging, it often stays at the destination for further use in the site.

     If a terminal with containers has the special area for storage of refrigerated containers, then there is a possibility to rent a secure warehouse for perishable goods. It is very convenient that maintenance of refrigeration systems, as well as repair, if necessary, will be performed by the owner of the containers.

Advantages of application of terminal containers

     40-foot terminal container may be used to form consignment. Thus the sender only pays the rent without the risk of issuing penalties for violation of the terms of loading. It is convenient to have the warehouse at the terminal upon receipt of the goods in 20-foot containers. It is possible that a part of cargo can leave the terminal and the rest can be loaded in the container and store there. If needed, a terminal 45-foot container can be rented.

     Any terminal container can be converted in accordance with the customer order. Most often there are orders for mobile offices, cabins, retail outlets and standalone power plants made on the basis of terminal containers. The customer has the opportunity to get the mobile module fully stocked on his requirements.