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Supplier searching

We provide services for searching and attracting suppliers for our clients. We get in contact with sellers and buyers in different countries. The rate of interaction in searching of foreign manufacturer is based on the contract with a client. Ordering the service of searching a foreign supplier, you can be sure that this work will be done exactly and according to your wishes and details. All your requirements to a product and its manufacturer will be applied exactly. How do we work? We study goods segment in required part of the market. If necessary, we monitor not only price level but also make a test bargain to estimate a foreign supplier working and quality of its products. Forming the general approach while choosing a foreign manufacturer that we have used for more than 10 years of successful business, leads to high performance level for our clients.

The first step in searching a foreign supplier is preparation of requirements specification and description of required product and its manufacturer according to the client’s demands. We discuss the features for estimation this product. We offer efficient solutions for more efficient results. Every product bought for a trial is estimated in quality and its conformity to the declared criteria. Cooperating with authorities responsible for testing and certification of products we are able to give the true information about characteristics and properties of foreign goods.

We search foreign manufacturers in all countries of interest. Service payment correlates with the time of its providing. As a rule, it takes several weeks, if you need both manufacturer searching and estimation of its products. In case of just gathering information about manufacturer and its contacts the time of execution will be less. Service payment is also agreed in the contract according to the stages of work. It can be 100% prepayment or minimum prepayment before starting of work and getting the rest after the work is done. Our clients prefer to use our services for searching manufacturers in China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Taiwan and other countries of Austro-Asiatic region. Also we have orders for manufacturers in Europe, the USA, Canada and countries of South America. Because of a great interest of our clients in manufacturers from China, Korea and adjoining to them countries we have the representative office. If necessary it’s possible to arrange a visit to the factory of the manufacturer for more detailed information. After finishing the main part of the contract we are also ready to provide our clients with cargo delivery and other transaction support.