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To buy 20 ft and 40 ft railway and sea containers in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk

Dividing the territory of the Russian Federation to the areas of container handling and sale of sea and railway containers Novosibirsk was preferred in the Siberian region. 

Novosibirsk meets all the criteria for work with containers. The city has a well developed structure for container handling. Railway stations and terminals have stock in volume of operations with containers and storage and shipment by railway and by truck. New terminals can accept containers following for import with internal customs transit. Novosibirsk is also provided with enough traffic for cabotage container service. All major railway routes and transit flows pass through the transport hub in Novosibirsk, which makes the station and the city be a wonderful point for processing cargoes and containers. Mostly the containers are oriented for railway logistics and they are maintained at terminals equipped with railway lines. Container shipment by truck from Novosibirsk is of demand only for short distances and around the city.

How to buy a container in Novosibirsk? All types of dry containers, including 20 ft, 40 ft containers are presented at the terminals in Novosibirsk. New and used containers can be delivered to Novosibirsk from Central Russia and from the Far East. These are the main cities of the region for that Novosibirsk provides purchase and sale of containers:

• Omsk
• Tomsk
• Kemerovo
• Barnaul
• Krasnoyarsk
• Irkutsk
• Abakan

To arrange shipment of loaded and empty containers from Novosibirsk by railway and by road is possible with the same benefits for the client depending on the season. The advantage of the region is its location on the transport main line of the country, but a significant disadvantage is that different types of specialized container equipment remain outside of the region, since the delivery by railway practically excludes the possibility of transportation of other types of containers, if they are not dry. Refrigerated containers, OPEN TOP containers are rarely found for sale in the Siberian region of Russia.