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To buy a railway or sea container in Ekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk

   Ekaterinburg is an important transport hub that consolidates many of the services for delivery of cargoes and containers. Major container operators are presented on platforms and terminals here. 

Ekaterinburg has developed as a centre for providing logistics services of the Ural region. With the growth of container shipments Ekaterinburg acted as a transit point between Asia and Europe. There is a full container cycle. Enterprises consume imported goods in containers, send containers for export. Domestic traffic in Russia is widely distributed; storage of containers is maintained at several major terminals. Availability of wagons for transportation of containers guarantees railway shipment. Moreover, in Ekaterinburg, like in Moscow, direct container communication by high-speed trains is organized. Sending of containers to Ekaterinburg and from Ekaterinburg is regular by trucks. Ekaterinburg is the flagship of container logistics in the regions of Chelyabinsk, Perm, Tyumen and others. On the one hand, a major stimulus for the development of container flow is the mechanical-engineering complex of the region and creation warehouse distribution facilities of the largest networks in the country in Ekaterinburg. On the other hand, Ekaterinburg started preparing for the leading role in building of infrastructure for handling containers in advance. After Moscow and St. Petersburg Ekaterinburg owns a variety of container terminals among all regions of the country. One of the transport tasks of the Ural region is incorporation of Ekaterinburg in global container routes, including from China to Europe.

    To buy a container in Ekaterinburg is easy; the containers of all types are always available. Its place in Ekaterinburg has TRANS Container, one of the biggest players in the container market. The smaller sites are owned by small private companies, but the expansion and consolidation of terminals and services in Ekaterinburg are growing very fast. The grounds of Ekaterinburg always have new and used containers of 20 feet and 40 feet. Sea linear and railway containers are presented too. But their using for cabotage is possible not in all directions. Frequent and popular routes for sending of railway containers are the directions to the Far East, to the North, in the direction to the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, and St. Petersburg. The Far East and St. Petersburg regions are the points of return of empty and loaded containers of linear property, so there are always available containers for these directions. So, this is the reason for simple delivery of any number and any type of containers from the Central and Eastern parts of the Russian Federation to the Ural region.