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Container delivery by railway and by truck in Kazakhstan and transit via it.

Kazakhstan as it was in 80-90s provides transit via its territory for a large cargo flow in containers. The close relationship of the territories of Kazakhstan and China adds volume of containers moving to Russia, Belarus and Europe. 

The base of container transportation in Kazakhstan is the railway. Railway communication is especially interesting for transportation from the western part of China. Besides, Kazakhstan is trying to reduce railway tariff for shipments of containers in speed trains. Kazakhstan takes an impressive number of goods for internal use also. The containers arrive in the country from all directions. Foreign trade of the country is growing. Kazakhstan's entry into the Single economic space with Russia will increase container traffic between the two countries, because the transit from China is beneficial to send to many regions of Russia through the border of Kazakhstan. The main lines connect Kazakhstan with the Volga region, Ural, Siberia. Almost all main areas of sales are under transport provision of Kazakhstan. The containers follow by railway with speed significantly above multimodal container transportations and sea shipping too. For example, the term of delivery of a container from Shanghai to Central Europe, Prague, is only 21 day, which is almost a month lower than when sending the DEEP SEA route.

Railway border crossing points of Kazakhstan are:
• Dostyk - Alashankou (Chinese side)
• Kurgamis-Kulunda (for Siberia)
• Gorbunovo-Mamlyutka (for the Ural region and Central Russia)
• Troitsk-Kaerak (for South Ural)
• Kartaly-Aksu (for Bashkiria)
• Ozinki-Semiglavi Mar (for the Volga region)

Such a variety of crossing points picks out Kazakhstan with its development of container railway transportation against background of other countries sharing a common border with China and Russia.

FUTOVIK works in all regions of Kazakhstan, including such major centers as:
• Pavlodar
• Astana
• Karaganda
• Almaty
• Petropavlovsk
• Kostanay
• Aktobe
• Aktau
• Atyrau

We provide services for export and import clearance of containers moving from China, to Europe, to Russia; railway transportation of containers, container shipment by truck on the territory of Kazakhstan and international container shipments. One of the routes of distribution is Moscow-Uralsk and further goods are distributed in Kazakhstan.

We send consolidated cargoes in containers to Kazakhstan.

Purchase and sale of containers in Kazakhstan shows the growth of the volume of cargoes in containers. Used dry cargo containers and refrigerated containers of 20 ft, 40 ft are of demand at the terminals of the country.

Our company always provides our clients with services in Kazakhstan both in the Central part of the country and in remote areas.