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Container delivery by railway and by truck in Russia

Container shipping in Russia has its own structure. There are the distinctive features of transport in each country, including container shipping. Domestic container traffic, for the most part, is combined dispatch of cargo in containers. Ordinary dry cargo containers of 20 feet and 40 feet are mainly used. Multimodal transportation of containers in Russia on land is fundamentally different from shipping containers in other countries due to the length of routes. There are many variants of the same route of container shipping because of the country's territory stretched for more than 10 000 km. But there is a serious limitation for the carriage of containers in Russia. That is the train rules that are difficult to observe for organization of specialized containers transportation, such as refrigerated containers or OPEN TOP containers. But for standard containers all routes are open.

Railway transportation of containers in Russia is developed quite well. A good network of railway routes in the Central part of the country covers most major areas. In general, there are several main railway stations in Russia that cater for the container flow over 75% of the total volume of railway containers in the country. The main part of stations is located in the European part and only about 10 major terminals are presented in the Asian part. Such structure of the railway network depends on the development of areas of the country. In those parts where production capacity is high the container turnover is also high. For more convenient service there are container railway trains circulating permanently in Russia. Regular railway container forwarding is carried out with the passing of sorting points, where wagons with containers are redistributed to the next sorting or to the terminal station. Shipping of container in the train is always more expensive than usual cargo transportation. The difference between the rates is 10-15% on average. The majority of container transportations is carried out in Russia with the freight speed. For the usual sending of the container it is necessary to confirm the availability of the wagon and agree with the owner about the cost of its using. Railway rolling stock for unpopular directions can be expected for a long time, but you can always arrange the transportation of container by truck.

Auto transportation of containers in Russia began to develop rapidly in the last decade, beginning with the 2000-s. At present some customers use only truck delivery in spite of large distance. The cost of container delivery by truck is about the same (between 2 and 2.5 US dollars per kilometer). The price depends on the region and the distance of the unloading place. There are routes where delivery is available only by truck and only at certain time of the year. They are the regions of northern Russia, for example. Wherever you need to bring the container in Russia our company will arrange delivery with any kind of transport with our usual responsibility for the whole process of shipment and delivery.