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Container service for shipment, storage, sale of containers in Belarus

Container ensuring of Belarus is still developing, but despite this fact the country has formed several import and transit container trains. Our company is represented in Belarus capital and other cities; we are working with the station Kolyadichi and the following regions of the country:

• Gomel
• Mogilev
• Vitebsk
• Minsk
• Bobruisk
• Borisov
• Polotsk
• Pinsk
• Baranovichi
• Grodno
• Brest

We dispatch containers in Belarus by railway, send them from Europe and back by truck. Belarus has a joint value for railways of European countries and countries of the Eurasian Union. Containers to Russia and back to Europe are moving through this country. There is also a speed train with containers between Moscow and Minsk. It is on schedule that helps to calculate the time of arrival of containers.

Besides, our company in Belarus can do import clearance of cargo moving to Kazakhstan and Russia. It saves time, as all duties are paid at the time of container shifting, so the waiting period of loading proceeds benefit. We have in stock all types of transport and warehouse services. The client can change the type of transportation, forward the container to another unloading point at any time of transportation. Our specialists also control the transshipment of containers at the border stations.

We can organize service at the railway border-crossing point Milashevichi-Brest for shipping containers to Europe, to the ports of Germany, the Netherlands; and to Lithuania at the border crossing point Gudagai-Kana. For transportation of cargoes from Kaliningrad and back we can use railway and motor transport. To compare both rates is not difficult. Registration of transit documents is our duty.

The biggest container terminals are located in Minsk and Brest. There we can arrange delivery of an empty container for loading of goods at the customer‘s warehouse or provide a container for sale. The calculation of all our services can be requested on the website and by phone. Specialized containers of 20, 30, 40 and 45 feet can be supplied from Europe or Moscow. Execution of the order is approximately 7-10 days.