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Container shipment by sea, by railway and by truck in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland

The Baltic is rich with countries which have significant weight in international logistics. Container forwarding in the Baltic countries and northern latitudes is large and has many types of transportation. Container communication is realized by sea, by railway and by truck. There are enough ports and terminals that handle containers in the zone of the Baltic Sea in the region. There are the following ports among them:

• Kaliningrad
• Klaipeda
• Riga
• Tallinn
• Kotka
• Hamina
• Saint Petersburg

The location of the terminal leads to the fact that shipping lines prefer to use the ports of the Netherlands and Germany to service their transatlantic ships. The rest containers are taken in the direction of the Baltic Sea by small feeder containerships. Competition in the region between Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Finland for transit container flow leads to the fact that all container ports are active in the expansion of its terminal for the possibility of coming larger vessels, in increasing the number of berths for simultaneous work with several container ships, in updating technical devices for faster loading and unloading works. The whole complex of measures makes the Baltic ports be more attractive for sea linear operators.

Multimodal container logistics is also developing. Excellent cooperation of transport and number of services provided under this transport hub affect the cost of container shipment and their terms of delivery in positive way. Each country has formed speed container trains on its territory. The trains ply circular trips between major container terminals and destination stations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland.

For container handling it is also important the possibility of electronic declaration of goods before the arrival of the container from the sea or from the railway to the port or station of unloading. We may collect the set of documents for our clients and get ready them for preliminary register. If it is necessary, the container can be unloaded directly in warehouses of the port and the cargo can be delivered to the recipient with any convenient way.

Container terminals in the Baltic region work with oversized container shipments, with the dangerous goods. We are ready to organize the placement and fastening of your cargo in a container or in a truck for its shipment according to the safety rules.

Container depots presented in the described terminals, inferior in its scope to the neighbors from the Atlantic coast of Europe. We offer all types of standard containers. Term of delivery of the container by the order starts from 7 days; that is the time of sea delivery from the ports of Germany, Holland. Our services on delivery of cargoes and containers include inspection of each product if it is necessary. Work with someone who does serious work.