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High container of 20 ft, HC/20 ton containers, new and used are available

Container of 20 feet with increased volume is a rare type of containers. Shipping lines are taking a greater fee for using these containers than for standard. The demand for increased 20 foot containers is not too large. It’s probably due to the fact that not many loads require additional volume while transporting. 20 HC is a solution for loading of bulky goods. In the whole price for transportation of 20 HC the price for only sea stage is increased, for other types of transport the cost will be standard, because at sea shipment the volume used is important, and for the rest part of the delivery only the length of the container is taken into consideration. And only due to the rear demand for increased 20 foot containers their price is higher than for standard. The price for this type of containers is 20-25 % higher. The cargo container maintains loading and weight up to 30 tons, and its height is 2.7 meters. When sending oversized in height cargo it’s possible to put it diagonally, this saves additional 25 sm. Our company has work experience with 20 HQ containers, and we can provide all the needs of the customers in such containers. Not each city has got increased 20 foot containers in stock, but if there is a request for it in the town where the container is absent, then we will arrange the delivery there in the shortest period of time.

It happens that a 20 foot HC is made from low one by welding to make it higher. The quality of such a container depends on the level of the executed work, but there is no doubt that this design loses to the original container in strength. Mostly, such containers don’t meet the state requirements and can be used only for delivery by truck, if the owner of the container takes responsibility for the cargo. Neither one station, nor sea carrier will accept container for shipping, if the label does not match the actual type. The insurance company will not reimburse the cost of damaged or lost cargo in the container, which obviously did not correspond to the requirements for shipment.

The purchase and sale of 20 HC containers in Moscow and regions of Russia and the world generally occurs on advance order. Even in major transport companies it is not always possible to find even used containers of increased volume, so we suggest to place an order in advance, so we can execute it by the time. Its delivery may be required from another point of storage, and it is not always suitable for clients.

Often it is easier to buy a new high 20 foot container, than to find the original used container. When warehousing and using the container for storage, the height of the pallet allows you to place a product that will not fit in 6 meter container. In that case, when the client needs a container higher than the standard, then we can consider the order as an individual project.

The price of used container 20 ft HIGH CUBE