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Special container equipment to solve all transport problems

There is a certain decision for each task. So, there are not feasible technical solutions for dry cargo and sea containers. It is possible to make any specialized container for any goods requiring special conditions of transportation and storage. Nowadays there are a lot of containers presented for sale that can be called special or specialized, in comparison with similar containers of large capacity, such as of 20 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft and even PW containers. These types of containers are still for the most part of standard goods of general purpose. And without a thorough revision the standard container is not able to perform the functions of a specialized container. We will try to list the main types of special containers, and will look closer at them separately below.

So, the first type of specialized containers that are wide spread among equipment and transportation packaging is OPEN TOP container. OPEN TOP container has an open top, and as standard containers it also has a front door. The top of the container is closed with a tent or a hard metal cover, which allows placing cargo at the top of container if needed. The second specialized container is SLIDE DOOR container, which doors are located at the side walls and open like a coupe. Loading the goods in this container can be arranged from the front and the both sides, it is convenient when unloading the goods of standard size that are larger than the doorway. There is also a DOUBLE DOOR container that has doorways at the both ends to have an access to the cargo from all sides of the container equally. We believe that it is a handy addition for any kind of cargo. Besides, equal access is convenient for warehousing and storage in containers. In addition to containers with various input and output doors and openings for cargo operations, there are containers that have no walls, no roof. They are called FLAT TRUCK and used for transportation of oversized cargo.

FLAT containers allow you to place and fix any bulky goods, and overloading from ship to the truck you need just to set the container-platform on the trailer or container truck. Since the FLAT containers are unable to protect the cargo from environmental factors, cargo should be packed thoroughly while shipment. And the last type of containers discussed here is the DUOCON container. In DUOCON container you can easily build a wall inside, which will make two containers from one. This feature is widely used for transportation and storage of goods different from each other on their properties.

All specialized containers can be supplemented with many functions. They can be the solutions that we have described here, and any additional needs of clients. All containers can be of 20 feet and 40 feet and 45 feet - it all depends on the customer's order.

Prices for special containers