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Standard and high 30DC and 30HC containers

     ISO 668-1995(E) includes the production of containers with length of 40, 30, 20 and 10 feet for multimodal transportation. The main dimensions 40 and 20 feet are considered, and 30 and 10 feet are used less frequently. Containers of 30 feet are not structurally different from others except length, but their using often allows optimizing the cost of transportation of the goods.

    New sea 30DC container is used more frequently, as it allows loading and transporting a wide range of products. Our company sells 30-foot containers of all types at a fair price from our terminals. The customer can choose containers from available in stock or to order universal or specialized container that can be delivered to the specified address.

Advantage of 30–foot containers

     For carriage of bulk cargoes it is profitable to rent or buy a shipping container of 30 feet. It is designed for optimal use of its internal volume, that allows reducing transportation costs. It happens that a 20-foot container cannot fit the whole party, but shipping of a not fully loaded 40DC container leads to an overpayment.

     Sea container of 30 feet is used in the transportation of specialized rolled metal or long workpieces or products. It takes its place when transporting equipment or goods with a length of 6-9 meters. All types of containers are produced of 9 meters. Special attention should be paid to sea 30HC metal container, the advantage of which is its increased height, allowing to deliver a greater volume of goods for the same cost of freight.

Variants of application of 30-foot containers

     The price and the cost of the containers of 30 feet depend on the design features, technical condition and location. They can be effectively used for the transportation of goods by all means of transport for long. But often buyers use them for making sheds, warehouses, sanitary items.

     It is possible to buy container of 30 feet cheaply, if it has already been in operation. If it is purchased for use in transcontinental transportation, so requirements and, thus the cost, can vary significantly. Often they are used for placing of diesel power plants to provide power to remote sites.