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Terminal 80-foot container, models of 80-foot containers as a warehouse and mobile transportations of long-length products

     A railway 80-foot container as a warehouse can be manufactured for transportation of valuable bulk cargoes; its capacity is twice bigger than of 40DC container. The use of such containers is only possible in exceptional cases; and it is more expensive than ordering two containers of 40 feet.





Peculiarities of application of 80-foot containers

     New 80-foot container is typically used for the delivery of cargoes at the destination point and further it is used as a warehouse for storage of this or any other cargo. Its transportation by railway is possible only by special long-baseline fitting platforms, originally designed for transportation of two 40-foot or 4-x 20-foot containers.

     Sea 80-ton container can be loaded on the ship, but its use requires numerous approvals. Transportation of 24-meter container is possible only on special vehicles, that increases its cost significantly. It is possible to produce a container of 24 meters on request in any design, but be aware that its useful load may not exceed 45÷50 tons.

     The price of 80-foot container depends on its type, but its purchase will fully recouped only when it is used for regular transportation of large number of relatively light but bulky cargo. Thus it is necessary to find out the possibility of its application on the selected part of the railway or the loading on board of the vessel in advance. Depending on the implementation, its internal volume can vary from 120 to 150 cubic meters, that allows using such containers for transportation of grain and costly bulk cargo efficiently.

Variants of application of 80-foot containers

     Used 80-foot containers are sold at relatively low prices, since the main part of their value is depreciated already during its first use for its intended purpose. However, their damage is minimal, since they are exploited with the utmost care.

     It is profitable to buy a container of 80 feet for storage and use it for rent on-site in logistics centre. This will allow the sender to form parties of cargoes before shipment or to preserve the received goods without payment of idle containers. Sale of freight 80-cube containers is possible for storage of long materials or using them as sheds, workshops, or food shops after relevant conversion.