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Repair of refrigerated containers

     Refrigerated containers 20REF, 40REF and 45REF require not only routine maintenance but also need to eliminate emerging problems from time to time. Repair of Ref containers should be performed by qualified personnel using the parts genuine or equivalent in technical parameters.

Usual defects of refrigerated containers

    Despite the high reliability, the containers from the world famous manufacturers (Daikin, StarCool and even Carrier and Thermo King) may also need repair of cooling equipment of refrigerated containers. The main types of faults are:

1.  Mechanical damage of the container body or the sealing gaskets;

2.  Exfoliation of the insulating panels;

3.  Faults with the refrigerating unit and electronics managing it;

     Own repair base of refrigerated containers and certified personnel allow Futovik Company to perform maintenance and troubleshooting purposes of this equipment. The repair of sea refrigerated containers can be executed on the terminal or with visiting the team of specialists to the location of the defected refrigerated container.

Peculiarities of repair of refrigerated containers

    If the repair of aggregates of refrigerated container needs to be done not at the company’s terminal, but directly with the owner or renter, when ordering it is desirable to specify:

• Brand of the refrigerated   containers and the name of the manufacturer;

• Year of production;

• The model number of the cooling unit and its serial number. This information is put on the front part of the unit, to the left of the compressor.

     Repair of compressors of Ref containers most often is associated with cleaning of drainage systems, replacement of fan bearings, change of refrigerant or temperature sensors. Less frequently replacement of the control processor is required. In case of delamination of the inner heat insulation panels, 40-foot Ref containers can be repaired with additional straps, locking them securely in their places. Our terminal for repair of 20-foot refrigerated containers provides all services for troubleshooting of a container body or a cooling unit. It also provides cleaning, sanitization and painting.